Friday, 16 February 2007

The rack is open and Rob earns 2 cents

When I first started musing upon life and aspects of IT on my little blog it was really a test, sorry to break the news but there you are. The theory was that the blog would be a valuable way of getting interesting and topical content onto our company website, explaining to anyone who cared what we do in the IT department and dispensing some useful nuggets of information to anyone having trouble with things we find solutions to. Its what makes the web so interesting, whatever mess you have got into you can almost guarantee someone has been there before and was good enough to write about it so other people could dig themselves out of the mire slightly quicker.

The question we had to answer was, is it possible to blog on a regular basis, say something interesting and informative and would it be worth linking into the site. So here we are 2 months later, still posting, still enjoying it and very pleased with the amount of traffic on my blog, at present only about 20 a day but its encouraging to know people are finding it and we have decided to link it onto my profile on the company website :o)

Having extolled the virtues of regular blogging as a tonic for the soul our revered communications director has decided to join in and I would like to link you at this point to his blog - a view from the bin. As our wine aficionado this of course relates to his tales from the wine bin in the same way that mine relates to the server rack, as opposed to the instrument of medieval torture... although...

And moving onto our other company blog the big news from compadre Rob is that he has sold out and plugged Google AdSense into his site, obviously a worth exercise as in the first week it has earned him a truly mighty 2 cents, or 1p after tax.

This of course now leaves Rob in a terrible quandary as he will
have to choose between a black jack or a fruit salad.

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