Friday, 23 February 2007

The Ultimate Calendaring System?

First job this morning was to spec out and test the idea outlined yesterday and I have even made a pretty picture, I might print it out and put it on the fridge at home :o)

I have had Spanning Sync on the Mac for a couple of weeks now and it seems fine, ditto for sync mycal on the PC and at £12 per license its very reasonable but they have been linked into separate calendars. This morning I have linked up all of these systems via my Google calendar and so far they have not started fighting. I think the key must be to accept that the Google calendar has to wear the trousers and although its 2 way sync set both of the client tools to defer to Google if there is a dispute. The next step in testing this system will be to actually set up one of the new Google domain accounts, I will keep you in the loop :o)

BTW in writing this blog I thought I might put in a little picture to illustrate the fact that this Calendaring strategy might be 'all things to all men', when I searched for this phrase another quirky burp of Google images threw up a picture of a squaddie with an enormous gun(see right). Not quite what I had in mind but he definitely does seem to have the equivalent of my Calendaring strategy tucked in his sweaty pit doesn't he :o)

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