Thursday, 15 March 2007

Instant gratification

No sooner had I posted about my declining traffic due to lack of blog fodder than I get 30 visitors in the same day, I am wondering whether this means that people have subscribed using RSS readers and therefore I can generate as much traffic as I want simply by bombarding you all with posts!

Our 2950 arrived last week and was immediately dispatched to Manchester where it has now been installed, its early days yet to get an idea of whether it is going to provider a better and more reliable service but so far so good. Although the 2950 is quite different to the 2900 it is replacing, and as such you cannot simply export the configuration and move it across, the setup screens are pretty similar so it was easy to copy the configuration page by page. We have about 20 VPN tunnels hard coded into the config and one thing which would be great in a further revision of Drayteks new operating system would be to duplicate an entry in the profiles page because it can be a bit of a drag, just in case anyone from Draytek ever trip over this.

One other little happening which I found very interesting is that Google have created a little program for Pocket PC's which runs Google maps. I must say that my HTC PDA is becoming more and more useful now that I can get my email, it is a phone, it syncs with my Gcal over the air thanks to goosync and now Google maps as well! I feel quite spoilt.

With all this in mind I found it very interesting to note that HTC have got a new version of my favourite toy coming out. I would guess that they are watching the IPhone with some trepidation because although apple will have a lot of work to do to create something as functional as the STC S710 I think we can all be confident that OSX on the IPhone will be slicker than Windows Mobile 6. So like the technology lemming that I am when the contracts on the phones are up for renewal I shall be torn between these two new and probably slightly flaky but 'oh so cool' toys and once again spend the duration of the contract getting it just right in time for the next one.

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