Friday, 2 March 2007

I've seen the future - and it's Joost

I am going off topic, as in this has nothing to do with IT and business, but for anyone else who thinks that TV in the UK is a bit poor at present I have just seen the future and its truly exciting and scary in equal measure......

A perfect Friday night, I got a pass from the missus for an hour at the local, they were in the middle of a barrel of Jennings Mountain Man which is nectar, and I get home to find out that I have been admitted to a rather exclusive club. I am a Joost beta tester!

Now for those of you who don't know (I can hardly remember quite how I ended up signing up for Joost myself) but Joost is a new online TV station. Online TV is one of those technologies which has promised so much in the past but never lived up to the hype, I am sure we have all tried some of those poor real player feeds in the past and frankly if you have real network shares take my advice and sell sell sell! Joost is a quick download, I was genuinely very pleased to find a Mac version for a change, so I installed it on the ol' mac book, logged in and just watched half an episode of fifth gear full screen with no buffering. Seriously.

Vicky Butler-Henderson never looked so good, although I suppose she never sat on my knee whilst presenting fifth gear before :o) I am such a nerd sometimes...

The choice of programming even in beta is far superior to HDTV even f the quality isn't, its full screen though, its on demand, they have programmes from national geographic, channel 5, MTV, I even heard tell of a Viacom deal yesterday and you can tell that the choice is going to be truly staggering on an international scale. I cannot emphasise this enough, sign up now because in 6 months time your digi box is going to look pretty dull, and that is the scary part. I dislike TV, I like gardening, I am a frustrated smallholder (in that I haven't got one) and I think people should be tilling the soil rather than vegging on the sofa and I quite like having an excuse to turn off the TV when nothing is on. In a Joost world there is always going to be something on you would like to watch, maybe land will become cheaper because all the smallholders will be watching Joost and then I can make my move.... sweet.

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