Monday, 15 January 2007

More MySQL replication and dare I mention the I-Phone

I was not surprised to log into the MySQL slave this morning and find out that it had completely failed to replicate over the weekend but what was disappointing was how easy it was to fix! I just found another how-to ran through the same information in a slightly different order and hey presto! So if anyone is unfortunate enough to have ended up on this blog looking for MySQL replication info click here because the last link I posted didn't work.

Surfing around over the weekend and I must confess I am getting a bit bored of the I-Phone hype. Obviously I would be foolish to comment too negatively lest I be abused by the faithful as has happened after a rather frank article on the register which gave a few things you could do with a dead I-Phone. I also won't mention the fact that I am on my second HTC smart phone both of which have had touch screens and although I am sure the I-Phones is better the general concept is hardly revolutionary.

No the thing I would like to mention is the rather cool Linux based smart phone from FIC obviously it being Linux based and open source it will not be quite as polished as the I-Phone but I think when we are talking in terms of a revolutionary product having a phone which is so flexible and 'open' this seems to be a truly new approach. It may only be a toy for techies at the moment but I will certainly be getting one when they are available :o)

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