Thursday, 4 January 2007

Note to self - stop forgetting things!

One problem I find with skipping around from one system to another is that one forgets things, I have just been setting up our new virtual server to house our cross company reporting system and half way through wading around in RPM packages I got a real sense of deja vu. When you install linux it sets itself up very nicely to have a web server and a scripting language (PHP) and even its own database server, however one thing that Linux does not like is Microsoft SQL server so the idea of adding an extension to query this sort of database would seem simple.

How wrong can you be!

So just in case anyone else comes across this problem follow these steps.

1: Install the FreeTDS support library
rpm -i

2: Install FreeTDS
rpm -i

3: Install the PHP MSSQL extension
rpm -i

Seems simple but it just took an hour to find all those bits and pieces - enjoy.

As an aside the virtual servers are performing well, ping times are obviously higher than querying the servers on the local network but 20ms for the round trip should mean that the reporting system still works relatively quickly. The server is now querying one of our MYSQL servers and the master MSSQL server which is nice however for some reason the Auth package in PHP has decided to play hardball - 2 more hours left in the day so here we go.....

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