Wednesday, 3 January 2007

A mancky extension to the VPN

Our VPN now extends all the way from Tunbridge Wells to Manchester thanks to our new node which appeared on the network this afternoon!

Sounds easier than it was mainly because in setting up the hardware to go to manchester, I was so focused on making sure all the little numbers were correctly set to allow it to take the place of the server, I missed the little button which allows me to actually talk to it once it is in place. Not to worry, the nice technical people sorted it out and it is now ready to form the basis of our company reporting system. One other interesting thing which we have done with this new setup is to put a toe in the virtualisation pool. We have one physical server in the rack but our man Rob has managed to convince it that in fact it is 2 separate servers and in fact we may make a 3rd if we decide we need another separate system. The bonus of this approach for those of you who don't know is that if one 'virtual machine' has a fit and falls over the others continue on as if nothing happened. That is of course as long as the hardware doesn't fail in which case you loose the lot :o)

It will be fine I am sure.

So the next job is to begin to move our base reporting system over from our test server to Manchester.

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